Ieva Zāgmane

I live in the village Jaunpils (Newcastle) in Latvia, and I am working here as a youth worker and leader of a local youth center. My passion is education and different non-formal methods for improving learning environments in formal education. I love my work and especially to create a good impact on younger generations.


To be part of our projects has been one of best and most professional experiences in the field of creative learning so far.

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Lauris Šķenders

I live and work in Gulbene, I am a patriot of my town and region. I believe that only by doing small things together can we make something great. In the project I am a project coordinator.

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Taco Ritsema van Eck

I live in Eerbeek, The Netherlands. I am a student at democratic school VO De Vallei, and

have been on democratic education my whole life, gaining first hand experience in self

directed learning and internal motivation. I like all forms of games, art, theater and movies. I also have a different perspective on education coming from a democratic school and hope to share it with the rest of the team.

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Gabi Steinprinz

I am a die-hard explorer and an E+ addict, who combines arts, creativity and learning. As a European Non-formal freelance trainer I love learning environments, concepts of organic learning and self-directed learning. I also work as a volunteer youth worker, because I like to work directly with young people. I am a game fanatic and you can wake me up any time for an escape room adventure.

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Rūta Kronberga

I am Latvian who has been living in Spain for the last 4 years, where I am involved in association PROMESAS as a project manager and a trainer working on topics such as sustainability, creative learning environments and storytelling. I love the topic of creative learning environments and how we can innovate into existing education systems or create new ones. I see lots of potential in inclusive educational escape rooms and adventures, therefore I am excited to roll my sleeves up and create new educational tools.

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Katerina Nastopoulou

I am Greek who has been living in Italy for the last 8 years, where I work for Stanaidea Cooperative, involved in Community Theatre projects and European Projects as youth-worker and mentor of the European volunteers hosted annually by our organization. Innovating my working techniques is fundamental for me so participating in this project is an amazing opportunity. I never want to stop playing whatever this means (theatre, games, sport), to inspire and be inspired by people.

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Jurģis Kukša

I am a dad, teacher, entrepreneur, athlete and a human that likes books, running and yoga.

Not the kind of type to spend a day in a sofa

I’d like to share my passion on Mind; Body & Soul

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Javi Quilez

I’m what you could call (and please call me! I’m lonely!) an educational freak. I’m very passionate about education, a scout since 6 y/o, a teacher but working as a trainer and educational games designer, I love to organise experiences for people that gives you goosebumps. I live in Alicante (Spain) and I can play any instrument if you leave “us” sometime.

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Marina Represa

 Everything related to nature has always been my passion! I also was a scout since a little girl, and there I learned lots of values, skills and learnings that I use today in my second passion in life: teaching. I work as an English teacher in a secondary school in Valladolid (Spain) where I teach but also I’m taught by my students every single day! I am also a music enthusiast, I love singing and playing the guitar!

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Nacho Salgado

Scout, science teacher and non formal education facilitator. I am interested in exploring every kind of new way how to boost the process of learning, specially for those with particular learning needs (so, EVERYONE 😀 ). My dream is to change formal education by transfering non formal methods, and we are on the way… Definitely passionate about escape rooms and teamwork.

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Anita Birzniece

It is me - in the middle!!!! In the middle between projects, theater, non- formal education, partners, friendship, fun and hard work :). I’m in the middle of a local network and activities in Gulbene (Latvia) between schools and youth centers and international project partners. I’m in the middle of my learning, experience, adventures, discoveries and life (i hope :)).

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Dani Korai

I am a passionate nature lover and I love to involve nature in training courses and the education of people. I love making nature art and nature photography. I always try to incorporate this in training courses, use the outdoors and nature as a creative learning environment and connect kids, youngsters and youth workers to nature. Next to being a freelance international trainer, I provide trainings for young people doing voluntary service in the Netherlands within Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps programmes. Besides my work as a trainer, I’m working for the Dutch NGO Groen Cement, which promotes ‘green’ children’s day-care and forest schools. Our NGO has developed a certification for day-cares and forest schools bring kids in contact with nature on a daily basis and currently has 100+ locations certified in the Netherlands.

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