Intellectual outputs from Looking @ Learning KA2 project


IO2 practical learning tool – eduesc@peroom (educative escape rooms). This is practical and innovative educational tool based on escape rooms to be used in a broad range of formal and non-formal educational fields.


3 documents are developed to support and explain use of eduesc@perooms:

1) Report: description of the development of the educational tool;

2) Tutorial: Step-by-step guide for educators how to make eduesc@peroom

3) Toolkit: Collection of good practices, examples of local eduesca@rooms realized during the project in all 3 participating countries in various fields of education.


All eduesc@peroom materials are available in 4 languages: English, Latvia, Spanish and Dutch.

State of Art

IO1 State of Art research β€œThe First Looking at Learning”. This research presents case studies and a collection of information that can be further used to develop methodology for promoting creative learning environment and for doing future studies. State of Art outlines problems in the area of creative learning environment in Latvian, Dutch and Spanish education systems, simultaneously viewing education policy documents and inspecting the actual situation in educational establishments.

State of Art research is available in 4 languages: English, Latvia, Spanish and Dutch.


IO3 Research “The Key Elements of Creative Learning Environment: A Case Study from Latvia, Spain and the Netherlands”. The main aim of the research was to summarize the study results obtained in three research phases in each country and present the key elements of the creative learning environment, their characteristics and the best practices developed during the project.

The main document of research is available in English, but besides the main research document – 4 info-graphics are available. These documents provides summary of the main elements of the research.

Info-graphic is available in 4 languages: English, Latvia, Spanish and Dutch.


Analysis report on innovation of Creative Learning Environments “CLEAR. Voices of Educators” . This report is a summary of the voices of European educators on how they see the process of change in their educational settings, and the support they need from all of us to achieve their goals to innovate their practices. It contains outcomes, quotes and conclusions. This analysis report is part of the CLEAR KA2 Strategic Partnership project within the European educational programme Erasmus+.