Spanish Multiplier event was organized by Asociación PROMESAS together with the University of Valladolid. The results of the project were presented and celebrated from 7th to 9th of February 2017.


The event was aimed to share the result with stakeholders interested in innovation of education, introducing with all the intellectual outputs and facilitating a reflection process related to the learning environment they have at the education entity where they belong to. On the other hand, we wanted to offer a very creative and alive experience to some participants, so we have created an actual Eduesc@peroom in one of the rooms of the faculty, aimed to share the method in live to educators from all the fields. About the first part of the event, we called it “An afternoon looking at learning”, and we gathered 27 educators from various education fields (NGOs, schools, universities, vocational centers, Montessori, primary schools,…). Event started with a presentation given by Professor Luis Carro from the University of Valladolid, providing his own perspective about the project and the benefits for students and entities that our intellectual results could bring. The event also included a motivational speech about “creativity as a key in the learning process”, presented by Henar Sayalero, a headmaster of school from the area that had worked with children with special needs using creativity and motivation as key of learning. The rest of the event included: a presentation of the path of the project, a reflection with the participants about learning elements and their own learning environments, and then a presentation about the 3 intellectual outputs, focusing a bit more in the 3rd one: the research, as the one that gathers the results of all the project. At the end of the event participants could talk with Spanish educators who took part in the project to know more about results that they have achieved. They could meet representative from Maracena youth center, environmental center “La Alpujarra”, kindergarten “El Bosque de Darwin” and Createctura. To finish the event we had a questions and comments time, that ended to create a cozy feeling where participants could express their thoughts, fears, challenges and motivation to develop their learning environments more efficient. We finished all together with a non-formal time in the cafeteria to celebrate the event and continue the chatting.


The second part of the event in Spain was an actual “eduesc@peroom” at the faculty of education, the Escape Room was targeted for educators from different entities both formal and non-formal fields. Goal of the game was to discover the 15 key elements of a creative learning environment. The Room was working for 3days, so we could host 52 participants in 12 different groups of 4 participants. After finding 15 clues and the key to escape out of the room, the educators were invited to reflect on the elements and their own learning environments, how to turn them in more creative and effective.