Looking at Learning National Multiplier event 

Netherlands Stede Broec- 8 February 2017

Dutch Multiplier event was organized by both Dutch partners of the project: Youth Exchange Service [YES] and Merakel. The aim of the event was to share results of the Strategic Partnership project ‘Looking at Learning project’ on creative learning environment, especially the Intellectual Outputs created by all partners of this project.

The event was organized in Stede Broec in an alternative and creative learning space, Zorgbakkerij De Molenwiek, a care bakery which is an NGO that creates a working and learning place for youngsters with disabilities. Participants of the event were served by these young people.

Many educators from formal, non-formal education, care centers and policy makers have been invited to participate for free to this event. On Wednesday 8th of February from 13.00 – 17.00 the event took place. 20 externals have applied for this event, but unfortunately due to the flu epidemic, we received 5 cancellations in the last minute. People who cancelled expressed that they felt really unfortunate that they could not attend the event.

Finally 15 educators have participated with wide educational background, from special care farm to environmental education, from special elementary school for people with behavioural problems to students of social-pedagogic vocational school and representative of the national Youth Institute and ErasmusPlus Youth programme.

The programme contained sharing all results from the project. Special focus was on the Intellectual Outputs developed in this project- the State of Art, the educational tool Eduesc@peroom and the large long-term research. Presentation contained the development of these outputs, the concept and conclusions of creative learning environment. Educators who participated in the Learning mobilities for educators in this project, explained and shared their local activities, where they implemented the outcomes of those training courses and how they experimented in their own educational settings with development of creative learning environments.

After the break, we organized discussion tables on the topic, where participants shared ideas and possible implementation of the outcomes of these presentations, their impressions on the creative learni9ng environment. In reality this means that participants were very willing to read more in detail all the documents produced, and change the educational approach in their organization or school, creating a more creative learning environment. Most participants were very inspired to experiment in their educational environment, with their target group, by building their own educational escape rooms.

Evaluation was done by Kahoot and was very positive.

How did you perceive the day?
0% nice
75% very inspired
25% informative
0% uninteresting

What did you think about the locations and care?
0% not the right location
16% food and drinks were good, location not so much
50% very creative to have such a location
34% top location!

What do you think about the content of this afternoon?
25% useful, I know what to change in my educational approach
20% quite ok, I have some things I can use in my practice
0% confusing, too much information and it too unclear
55% well presented! Enough to think about

What was the most interesting today?
16% that you can do so interesting thing on international level
16% the cooperation between schools, NGO’s, care
45% the creative learning environment in general
23% the innovation of the educational tool: the Eduesc@peroom.

Can you use the information in your own practice?
84% absolutely. I have enough ideas to get started
8% I am inspired, but I am not sure where to begin
8% quite interesting, but I am not sure if my colleagues would be too.
0% I cannot really use it.