By thinking towards a broader and experiential creative learning environment, this project started while wondering: “Is it possible to design and realize an educational escape room?” We decided to take on the challenge and explore the escape room method in an educational setting.


The educational tool we have developed is called the “Eduesc@peroom.” The development of this tool is explained in the Eduesc@peroom report (available to download at INTELLECTUAL OUTPUTS site in this web). The project also created a step-by-step tutorial (also available to download) which explains all necessary elements for creating an educational escape room and guides you through the concept of designing educative escape rooms.


For more inspiration, we also developed this toolkit. In the files you can find here we highlight the practical side, sharing the escape rooms we have built in different educational settings in formal and non-formal education fields, with young people, adult, children and people with special needs.

We are sure that creating a room will be for you, as it is for us, a passionate learning. To make it a bit easier for you, the toolkit includes a few examples of different escape rooms we have developed in different educational settings; each of them comes with a particular focus on what was considered its strongest points linked to its learning outcomes. These examples are suggested to be used as a reference to facilitate the future building process of your own educational escape rooms. Enjoy!!