Gulbene Municipality (LATVIA)

leading partner of the project. GM has experience in preparation and implementation of different “international”, “infrastructure” and “human resources” projects, starting with educational, social, cultural exchange and voluntary work projects, and ending with objects reconstruction projects. Part of GM is the Education department (ED) which is responsible for education, culture, sports and youth issues in the municipality. ED is coordinating work of municipal education, culture and youth institutions, providing methodical support, planning the development of the institution’s network, coordinating the necessary trainings for specialists. ED is working with local NGOs and local voluntary work development.

Stranaidea (ITALY)

is a social cooperative type A (personal services, social, health and educational services) aimed at promoting the welfare of people and the prevention of risk situations. The objectives of the various services are pursued through the methodology of community development. The main areas of intervention are: European projects; disabilities, social theatre, children and youth policies, disadvantaged adults education, active labour policies, roma community integration, refugees.

Asociacion Promesas. Promotora de Metodologías (SPAIN)

(Promoter of Methodologies in Education for a Sustainable and Alternative Society) has born from the initiative of a group of young people experienced in non-formal education and scouts organization from all over Spain, in order to find alternative solutions to the current situation of our European society regarding youth issues and education. After a long period of gathering experience, PROMESAS truly believes that the base of society’s problems is EDUCATION. The pedagogical model used only by educators is inappropriate to learners’ needs, there is a lack of individualization of learning processes for learners.

Youth Exchange Service (YES) (NETHERLANDS)

Our mission is to give young people the opportunity to explore the world and find their own possibilities, which the world has for them. YES empowers people by giving them space to develop themselves on a personal and professional level. YES is working actively on equality, inclusion, diversity and creativity. We believe the intercultural dialogue and challenging environment is supporting young people to discover themselves, their own talents and passions. Our target groups are young people in the age of 14-30 in the rural area of West-Friesland, but also young people outside of this region participate and volunteer with us. We cooperate with schools, other NGOs, like organisations working with people with disabilities.

Jaunpils vidusskola (LATVIA)

Jaunpils Secondary School is located in Jaunpils parish, Jaunpils district, 80 km from the capital city Riga.  Jaunpils Secondary School is a comprehensive educational institution, which provides several educational programs: preschool education program (for 2 to 6 years old children), basic education program (1 – 9 class), general secondary education program (10-12 class), basic education program for children with learning disorders. This year the school has 330 pupils, 33 teachers and 11 technical employees. The school provides a wide variety of interest programs for pupils of all age groups – 3 folk dance groups, 2 choirs, 3 aerobic exercise groups, several sport groups, a computer study group, a visual art group, a handicraft group and others. In all age groups pupils learn health education, as well as the school is involved in the project of health promoting schools. At school pupils can also get advice on career education.

Coöperatie Democratisch Voortgezet Onderwijs De Vallei U.A. (NETHERLANDS)

VO De Vallei is a school for Democratic Education and thus has a different educational approach than ‘conventional’ formal secondary schools. The school has no division of students in classes based on educational level or age, but offers education based on the learning goals and learning needs of each student. The school has subject teachers for most of the conventional subjects and students can choose to attend classes being organised by these teachers. Next to the basic curriculum, students can make requests for specialised or specific (online) classes or subjects based on their learning goals. The school will then look together with the student for the different possibilities to incorporate this into their education.

Associacion casa de la beneficencia – Colegio la Milagrosa y Santa (SPAIN)

School “La Milagrosa y Santa Florentina” opens up and implements, since 1818, a quality education, solid and Christian to Valladolid citizenship. Defined as an bilingual school using English as a second language in primary and secondary education. La Milagrosa y Santa Florentina is a school by its name, however it is considered as an educational centre. This hue has to be understood as key to understand and comprehend our educational approach. Education is observed in our school context as a reality in each of the spaces, each of the memories and livings, not only in the classroom, but also deepening into the true meaning of it. Education as being taught academically, but relentlessly angling our educational approaches towards defining and developing responsible, critic, solidary and Christian citizens in our society.