ESCAPE Exclusion Strategic Partnership project on Innovation

ESCAPE Exclusion is a long-term Strategic Partnership project on Innovation supported by Erasmus+ School Education field. The project was held from December 2020 – May 2023.



ESCAPE Exclusion is a follow-up of the SP-project called Looking at Learning (L@L) and CLEAR SP-project. This long-term cooperation on the topic of Creative Learning Environments, specifically on the topic of escape room and gamification in the educational fields between 

  • Latvia: Gulbene municipality and Jaunpils Municipality;
  • Netherlands: NGO Youth Exchange Service  and Democratic Secondary school De Vallei;
  • Spain: NGO Associación Promesas and Secondary school La Milagrosa y Santa Florentina;
  • Italy: NGO Cooperativa Stranaidea.

With this project we address these needs of increasing schools capacity to include inclusive and innovative methods and non-formal education to create (more) inclusive classrooms and more inclusive schools. Aim for the involved youth organisations is to develop competences in supporting schools to create this capacity, provide good practices and inclusive methods for schools to use. We have decided to use inclusive escape adventures as a methodology, which we will be explained further in this application.

The main aim of the project is for the participating schools and youth organisations together to develop, create and implement Inclusive Learning Classrooms/Spaces, in which educators innovate their educational practices through the use of inclusive escape adventures. 


 Objectives to achieve the aim:

  • to approach the whole project as an inclusive learning environment, where partners and other stakeholders learn from and with each other, by contributing with their expertise, their curiosity and their readiness to experiment and make changes in their practices,
  • to create a cross-sectoral partnership that strengthens the capacity of all partner organisations and the local and international networks they work in.
  • to create inclusive classrooms, by putting the topic of inclusion and inclusiveness on the agenda and develop tools that promote and provoke inclusion.
  • to equip and empower professionals involved, with self-confidence, competencies and skills to innovate their practices and make escape adventures part of their educational approach. 
  • to develop 3 intellectual outputs with new and easy to use Escape adventure templates, a Starter kit and a Research on Inclusive Classrooms, that support educators, in both formal and non-formal education, all over Europe to innovate in their schools and work spaces.

To support the aim of this project, we have decided to organize two learning mobilities: 

1) Training course to equip and empower professionals with knowledge about learning processes and inclusion, and competencies to innovate their practices.

2) Seminar for educators to reflect on their educational experimentations and development, to share good practices and further strengthen their competencies.

The direct target group of the project are teachers, trainers and youth workers from the participating organisations. They are the ones that will develop their competences, gain experience, create the IO’s and create and implement Inclusive Learning Classrooms / Spaces. The main target group and end beneficiaries of the project as a whole, will be students and youngsters (of the partners at first, but through dissemination also others). All activities, the methodology and IO’s within this project are being developed for them to benefit from in the end.