Local Activities of the CLEAR project

The first seminar- “MAKE IT CLEAR”, provided time and space for participants to interact: to share, discuss, adapt and renew their best practices regarding creative learning environments and to learn from each other and innovate their educational practices.


Partner – organizations had to make sure that each country shared 2 best practises from their experience, in total 8 diverse best practises were shared: 

  • Nature art walk (natura art) PhotoVoice (visual storytelling) from Latvia, 
  • The Village (social presencing) and Contemporary Pirates (critical thinking and sustainability) from the Netherlands; 
  • Daily Theatre (community interactive art) and Body Theatre (body, mind and emotions) from Italy; 
  • Escape rooms (playful learning) and Real iDeal (social/civic board game) from Spain. 

After the seminar each partner selected  good practices that were experimented with, adapted and renewed them for their own educational environments: schools, youth centers, associations etc. 


Over 30 adaptations of these methods/tools in the local activities were carried out in all project countries.  After each activity educators filled in diaries where they reflected on questions such as: 5 elements of Creative learning environment, role of educator, inclusiveness for educator and participants.  


Analysis of educators’ diaries is described in the analysis report on innovation of Creative Learning Environments “CLEAR. Voices of educators”.