Humana People to People in Latvia

Association was established in 2006. Association is here in order to raise awareness about development education issues, intercultural education, sustainable development, and active global citizenship. They take part in a lot of European projects. In the project Looking @ Learning organization Humana People to People in Latvia took the leading role.

Asociacion Promesas. Promotora de Metodologías (SPAIN)

(Promoter of Methodologies in Education for a Sustainable and Alternative Society) has born from the iniciative of a group of young people experienced in non-formal education and scouts organization from all over Spain, in order to find alternative solutions to the current situation of our European society regarding youth issues and education. Ager long time of experience, organisation trully believe that the base of people problems is EDUCATION. The pedagogical model used ogenly by educators is inappropriate to learners needs, there is lack of individualization of learning processes for learners.

Gulbene Municipality (LATVIA)

GM has an experience in preparation and implementation of different “international”, “infrastructure” and “human resources” projects, starting with educational, social, cultural exchange and voluntary work projects, and ending with objects reconstruction projects. Part of GM is Education department (ED) what is responsible for education, culture, sports and youth issues in municipality. ED is coordinating work of municipal education, culture and youth institutions, providing methodical support, planning the development of institutions network, coordinating the necessary trainings for specialists. ED is working with local NGO’s and local voluntary work development.

Youth Exchange Service (YES) (NETHERLANDS)

Organizations mission is to give young people the opportunity to explore the world and the possibilities the world has for them. Organization empower people by giving them space to develop themselves on personal and professional level. YES have more and more young people involved who are starting their career from volunteering to young professional trainers. We believe the intercultural dialogue and challenging environment is supporting young people to discover themselves and their talents and passions. Our target groups are young people in the age of 14-30 in the rural area of West-Friesland, but also young people outside of this region participate and volunteer with us.

The Merakel Foundation

has decided, in consultation with the parent council, to transform the parent council into an official client council on the basis of the Participation of Clients in Healthcare Institutions Act and the Governance code 2017/small-scale care. In addition, the board attaches great importance to the quality of care and services, as well as to customer focus and satisfaction of its clients. Ultimately, this is about creating a pleasant situation for all parties that does justice to the interests of the care recipient, the parents/representatives and the organization and its employees. The client council has the right to information and advice on essential themes with regard to the policy of the organization with regard to substantive care and guidance, financial and facility matters. The care is indirectly financed by the clients and it is therefore important that the clients have a say in the expenses incurred by the foundation.

Maracena. Maracena youth space

This Youth center is unique at the regional level, carrying out innovative activities such as space for birthday celebrations, musical rehearsals, cooking, children’s playroom, and programs such as the University of Parents / Mothers, mentor classroom, reading animation. In addition, this Center Qualified multiplier of the EURODESK youth information network, an information service on European programs and initiatives dependent on INJUVE (the only one in the province of Granada). “Alpujarra Natural Space” Since 1996 they began to organize summer camps and other programs for groups in different facilities, mainly school residences of the Junta de Andalucía and, in some cases, private hostels. Darwin Forest´kinder garden Is a slightly different kindergarten.